• The minds behind Convidera: Michael Buck, Gerd Lenz, Faiza Bouzenoune
  • Digital Transformation. One Topic. Three Experts. Introducing the Convidera Management.
  • Michael Buck, Managing Partner for Convidera GmbH with 25 years of top management and international business experience

“ When the rate of change outside your  organisation outpaces the rate of change inside your organisation, the end is near.” (Jack Welch)

Convidera News & Dates

(Deutsch) Verlage unter der Lupe – Convideras Whitepaper über den digitalen Umbruch der Zeitungsindustrie

Posted on Mon31, May 2016

"Die Auflagen der Zeitungen sinken um 5-12% jährlich und es gibt keine Industrie, die dies lange durchhalten kann. In vielen Fällen sind die…

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Der Digitale Newsroom für Verlage

Posted on Fri23, Mar 2016

Die viertgrößte Tageszeitung Deutschlands – die Rheinische Post – hat die Zeichen der Digitalisierung längst erkannt. Die RP-Online feierte…

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Companion of the digital revolution

The increased use of social media gives customers power and influence. This changes business models. By making use of structural changes caused by digitalization, businesses have the chance to enhance their innovative capabilities, gain additional market shares and bond with customers.

What does this mean for you? We provide the added value of our experience, our evolving knowledge about relevance and potential of different platforms, influencers and dialogs. Convidera accompanies your business on its journey of digital transformation, and maximizes the potential of your company’s value.

About Convidera GmbH

Social Media Entrepreneurs

The greatest challenges for businesses in the digital world lie in the cultural changes and the employment of contemporary and relevant strategies. We offer an analysis of your current corporate communication and generate a digital strategy that correlates to an intuitive implementation. We focus on the benefits of using new media in your business.

Digital Revolutionnairies

The Convidera team has over eight years of expertise in change-management projects focusing on digital transition. As a consulting firm, we make use of the newest and most efficient technological products and progressively generate knowledge, with access to research establishments such as the German Institute for Communication and Legal Matters on the Internet (“Deutsches Institut für Kommunikation und Recht im Internet:” DIKRI for short) at the Cologne Business School.


Michael Buck

Together with businesses and corporate leaders, Michael Buck is a strategic companion for networking and the digital age. In an exciting collaboration with innovators in economics and science, his goal is the organized advancement of his clients’ modernized business management.


Gerd Lenz

For more than 20 years Gerd Lenz accompanies enterprises as a management consultant throughout various changes within the IT, process or organization. His focus lies in the conception and implementation of the change process which often occurs with great technology advances.


Our Services for the digital transformation

Our Services

  • Brand-essence strategy “social integrated”
  • Employer Branding & Recruiting Strategy for the Social Web
  • Listening & Monitoring-Strategy for customer acquisition

Strategy & Goals

  • Increase innovative abilities
  • Enhance employer brand
  • Optimize costs
  • Increase customer retention